Private lessons of any kind (swimming, tennis, basketball, personal training, etc.) are not
allowed in the Rialto amenity areas, unless a Certificate of Insurance is provided to management and approved by the Board of Directors. If you are currently holding private lessons with a professional, please contact management before continuing to provide the proper documentation and receive permission to proceed.


The Kids Splash Zone is open BUT KEEP IN MIND…

  • The water feature is set on 60 minute timer similar to the spa. If the water feature turns off you can turn it back on with the timer located by the Rules signs.
  • The Kids Splash Zone will be closed in the event of inclement weather and will re-open 1 hour after the last thunder/lightening is observed
  • In the event of an emergency, please call 911. 


Management has observed multiple safety concerns and improper use of the
Fitness Center, such as improper use/disregard for equipment, inappropriate attire and/or no shoes being worn, underage children using/playing with gym equipment and weights, and residents not cleaning up equipment after use.
As a reminder the Fitness Center Rules are posted in the gym area and read as follows:

  • Persons under fourteen (14) years of age are not permitted in the Fitness Center under
    any circumstances.
  • Use equipment at your own risk
  • Consult your physician before engaging in any fitness program or using exercise
  • 30-minute time limit on all Cardio Machines when other people are waiting.
  • Open-Toe shoe are not to be worn in the Fitness Center (unless medical clearance is
    provided to Management). Sneakers are required for everyone.
  • For sanitary reasons, shirts must be worn at all times when in the Fitness area.
  • Wipe down equipment after use
  • Guests must refrain from using the Cardio Machines if Rialto Residents are waiting
  • When unfamiliar with the use of any machines, ask Rialto Management for assistance.


Management requests that residents stop allowing people to access the
amenities without a key card by letting them in or propping open doors/gates. We understand this can be tempting and seem harmless, but we have had multiple issues with vandalism and other rule-breaking and we cannot track down the perpetrators if they are being let in by residents. Also, please be reminded that if guests to Rialto residents are found breaking Association Rules, the resident is responsible for their guest(s) and will be liable to pay fines or for damages, if any.


Please be reminded that fishing is prohibited in all Rialto Lakes. Please see section 17.46
of the Rialto Declaration for clarification. Please do not allow your children to fish in the lakes.


Unless approved by the Board of Directors (BOD) and Lang Management, there will be NO signs allowed on Rialto’s premise. This includes Island Way (west side of street) — as that is also part of Rialto. Contact the office if you’d like to apply for an exemption. Warnings and then fines will be given to homeowner’s who violate this rule.


The Rialto Community speed limit is 20 mph maximum. Please keep this in mind while driving the roads in the community. If you have children of driving age or tenants living in your residence, please inform them of this rule. If you witness a vendor speeding or driving recklessly (Fedex, UPS, Amazon, etc)please report them to authorities or the vendor’s company.

Your efforts to stay slow are for the benefit of the Rialto Community, especially our children and animals.


No garbage cans, supplies, recycling bins and containers, or other similar articles
shall be maintained in any Home to be visible from outside the Home. Garbage and recycling containers shall not be placed outside of the Home for pick up no earlier than 6:00 pm on the day preceding the pick-up and must be returned to the Home so that they are not visible from outside the Home on the day of pickup.

Bulk pick up Bulk items such as major appliances and furniture will be collected weekly on the first pick-up day of the week for your regular household garbage collection. If you have a bulk item that has not been picked up, please call the Town of Jupiter at 561-746-5134. The Solid Waste Authority provides and delivers new and replacement recycle bins for the Town of Jupiter residents are free of charge. They can be contacted by calling 1-866-639-NEW BINS (1-866-639-2467).


Owners’ vehicles should be parked in the garage or driveway of the Owners’ Home and
should not block the sidewalk. Parking is prohibited on swales and sidewalks. Parking on the street is prohibited from 12:00 am- 6:00 am. When parking on the street be cognizant of your surroundings, to not cause congestion.


No motorcycles, commercial vehicles, or commercial vehicles displaying
advertising, all-terrain vehicles (excluding passenger vehicles with 4-wheel drive), golf carts, trucks, trailers, boats, boat trailers, jet skis, campers, motor homes, buses or similar vehicles, or limousines shall be parked on any lot or driveway except in the confines of a garage.


The Rialto Declaration of Covenants (9.12.3) state that owners, tenants, and guests
shall abide by provisions of Section 5-47 (the Leash Law) of the Town of Jupiter that provides in part as follows:

  • It shall be unlawful for any person who is the owner, keeper, or harbored of any dog, cat, household pet, or other animal to permit or allow such person’s private property, unless such animal is under the restraint or control of a competent person using a chain, leash, cage or other device sufficiently near its handler to be under his/her direct control, and is obedient to that handler’s commands.
  • The Directors and Officers of the Association or any other interested party may report any personal observation of violation of the leash law to the animal control officer of the Town of Jupiter or Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control.
  • The Association may, at its sole option, declare any violation of the Leash Law by an owner, guest, tenant, or invitee, observed by a director or officer of the Association or Management Company, to have occurred on three (3) or more separate dates within twelve (12) months to be a nuisance and pursue all options available to deal with nuisance pets including removal of such animals


Please pay extra mind to clean up after yourself when exiting the amenity areas. Pizza boxes, to-go containers, food scraps, etc. attract raccoons and other pests to these areas. These items should be disposed of in the trash receptacles found throughout the common areas. Please assist us in keeping the common areas free of trash and pleasant for everyone to use.


Our community has a monthly contract with Palm Coast for rodent & pest control. If you see bugs/rodents in the clubhouse space, please let management know immediately.